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"Fixated" presents both the antitheses and the antidote to today’s capricious electronic music world, made up more of technological gimmickry than creative substance.

Instead, H2SO4 build, put together, assemble and produce undaunted and evocative musical pieces made to thrill. H2SO4’s forceful use of synths to create thundering atmospheres around danceable song structures awakes the monster in electronic music.

Their industrial-like patchwork of throbbing beats, and growling synthesizers, wire to rock aesthetics and catchy pop melodies, sound as menacing and as inviting, as possibly the ear could imagine.


H2SO4 has crafted a bizarrely beautiful soundtrack for the times with Hey Stupid, one that evolves from simple alternative indie electronica to a string-soaked, multi-layered, orchestral dance realm that’s addictively uplifting.

Fifty seconds in and the soundscape intensifies, heavy fuzz and the weight of bass, distortion and rhythm unite to pierce through the air. Meanwhile that voice continues, addressing you, the masses, the nations who knowingly and seemingly without resolve revolve their existence around money.


Down To The RIver